Master studies

Master studies at the National Defence Univeristy finish with the title of Master’s Degree. Complementary Master studies are offered in the fields of: national security (at the National SecurityFaculty) and management disciplines: command, aviation  management, human resources management and logistics disciplines: logistics of economic systems and logistics in crisis situations (at the Management and Command Faculty). They are held in both stationary and non-stationary courses. MA students within the chosen specialization acquire reliable knowledge from the area of ​​security, defence and management. The tuition program is based on the results from the undergraduate studies which contains additional elements to strengthen their knowledge in particular areas.

Complementary studies aim to prepare graduates to work on independent positions related to national security and defense at the both state and local government level and as well as that in the structures of the uniformed services: the Armed Forces, Police, Fire Services, the Border Guard or the Prison Services. A graduate of the National Defence University is prepared to creatively resolve problems related to security in all its aspects; developing and making decisions under stressful situations and during information chaos; organizing projects and emergency response procedures and leading teams of people.
Having completed their studies, graduates can continue their studies at the postgraduate or PhD studies.

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